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Phaze Ventures signs MoU with Al Rudha in a boost to Oman’s entrepreneurship ecosystem

Al Rud'ha and Phaze Ventures founders shake hands at MoU signing

Phaze Ventures today signed a wide ranging MoU with Al Rud'ha, Oman’s first ever co-working space created to solve the challenges Omani entrepreneurs face with the inflexibility of the local commercial rental market.

The MoU seeks to boost Oman’s innovation ecosystem through a number of collaborations between Phaze Ventures and Al Rud’ha set to launch immediately. The collaboration will include events, talks, and mentorship for Al Rud’ha members, and EBDA ideation program (sponsored by BP). Future plans also include the redevelopment and leasing of Al Rud’ha coworking spaces for Phaze Ventures portfolio companies.

Speaking on the occasion, Fatma Bahwan COO and Co-Founder of Al Rud’ha said: “We are incredibly excited about our future roadmap of collaboration with Phaze Ventures and other leading ecosystem partners. Since 2015 Al Rud’ha has grown to support dozens of startups through our various initiatives and programs across our 2 locations in Muscat, and we look forward to expanding on this success.”

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