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Phaze Ventures Launches Second "Hello Muscat! Bootcamp"

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Phaze Ventures, Oman's first private venture capital firm, collaborates with various international partners to launch the virtual program, "Hello Muscat! Bootcamp". The program is a collaboration between Phaze Ventures, Harbour Space University, UK Oman Digital Hub and sponsored by BP Oman.

The bootcamp's mission is to make competitive programming accessible to everyone, targeting individuals interested in learning the basics of programming from some of the best programming coaches and developers in the world - including ICPC world championship winners as well as legendary names from the field of competitive programming.

The program is a follow-up to the success of the first "Hello Muscat! Bootcamp" which was held in March of 2019, and saw participants from around the world fly to Oman to train for 2 weeks under leading coaches and developers.

Due to the unexpected impacts of COVID-19, the 2nd "Hello Muscat! Bootcamp" was converted into a digital program, with the warm-up event completed in July, and the main event scheduled for early 2021.

Commenting on the program, Athari Khalfan Alshaaibi, a participant in the bootcamp and full-time student at Sur College of Applied Sciences Oman “It was great. I learned a new language for programming and it is easier than Java.”

"I learned many things from this camp including Python in a modern and easy way. I got so much knowledge from this camp and I am very happy I had the opportunity to be a part of it. it is different, because we learned by practice more than theory, no need to remember things because we practice it all the time. Doing the homework was also helpful to us," commented Shammas Alraisi, a participant in the bootcamp and full-time student at the College of Applied Sciences in Sohar.

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