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Phaze Ventures Invests in OpenESG to Redefine ESG with AI

Phaze Ventures today announced its' investment into OpenESG, a generative AI startup, headquartered in the US. OpenESG is on a mission to build the world's largest global repository of climate, sustainability and ESG data and insights.

In a world of increasingly complex and opaque supply chains - with a plethora of regulations, standards, systems, platforms and more - there is growing demand for simplicity and transparency. With ChatESG, OpenESG is changing this dynamic using AI to help navigate the complexity and source sustainable suppliers, create reports, data and insights on supply chain improvements and risks, and relational graphs of suppliers and more.

The team has extensive climate, sustainability, supply chain and founder experience, previously at ConsenSys, Ethereum Name Service (ENS), Clear AI, World Economic Forum, Spotify, Siri, Cultiv8 Ventures, and Equilibrium AI (sold to FiscalNote) - and are backed by global investors based in the US, Asia and now the Middle East.

Speaking on the occasion, Tee Ganbold, Co-Founder and CEO of OpenESG, said: “Generative AI has completely changed the way we interact with data and insights. All ESG business models and products pre-Generative AI are out of date. In this new era, OpenESG with ChatESG reboots Sustainability and ESG to sweep away the complexity and opaqueness, using AI powered semantic search and our rapidly expanding dataset, to make sustainability open, clear and affordable to all.

This funding round enables us to expand our reach and deliver even more powerful insights to our customers. We’re thrilled to have the support of Phaze Ventures and other investors as we work to build sustainable supply chains, and make it the norm rather than the exception.”

Abdullah Al-Shaksy, Co-Founder & CEO of Phaze Ventures, added: “We’re excited to be partnering with OpenESG at this critical moment in the evolution of supply chain transparency. Phaze Ventures’ investment in OpenESG marks the latest in a series of strategic investments to strengthen global visibility and controls on ESG issues. We look forward to supporting their mission and helping them expand their footprint in the global market.”

About OpenESG

OpenESG was founded in 2022 by Tee Ganbold, David Aikman and Daniel Ellison. OpenESG is a US-headquartered Generative AI company on a mission to create the world's most comprehensive sustainability and climate data repository and open up to everyone - enabling companies to collaborate and develop products faster, more effectively and at lower cost and speed up our progress towards a better planet for all.

OpenESG is also the world's first open, free, fast and dynamic OpenESG Sustainability ID platform for companies to understand their supply chains, and consumers to check their products. OpenESG's products include Generative AI ChatESG provide fast access to ESG, climate, and sustainability data - enabling everyone to understand where their products come from.

To learn more about OpenESG visit

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