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Phaze Ventures Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary of Portfolio Company Akeed

Updated: May 20, 2019

Akeed driver before a shoot of upcoming Ad

Launched a year-ago, Akeed, an on-demand delivery platform, celebrates its 1-year anniversary this month with a series of special offers. Speaking about their journey so far, founder and CEO Gaurav Nahar said: “It has been an incredible learning experience for us. The amazing reception and feedback we receive from our customers every day has been our inspiration and guidance every step of the way. So above all we are thankful to all the Akeeders out there, and look forward to continue to serve and delight them with our plans for the year ahead.”

Phaze Ventures was the lead investor in Akeed’s Pre-Seed round in Q1 of 2018, following-on in subsequent rounds since. Speaking on the occasion, Phaze Ventures CEO and board member at Akeed Abdullah Al-Shaksy said: “We at Phaze Ventures are incredibly proud of the achievements of the team at Akeed in such a short period of time, with over 200 food stores now on the platform, and well over 100,000 deliveries fulfilled. We couldn’t be more excited for their bright future ahead”.

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