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Thank you for your interest! We are not currently accepting applications for interns. Be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for future opportunities.

About Our Internships
This is our 5th consecutive year running summer internships at Phaze Ventures, and each iteration has been an opportunity for us to learn and improve on the overall impact and experience for our interns.

Our goal is to create an unparalleled opportunity for young Omanis to learn, have fun and gain exposure in a high-impact and growing part of our regions economy. Our workplace environment is flexible and accommodating, and you will have an opportunity to interact with the leading founders, investors and thinkers in the region on a regular basis.

We hope that the experience and skills you gain from this internship will be a stepping stone into the venture capital or startup world in general, and that you will remember Phaze Ventures when you are ready to start the next Tesla, or ready to invest your first $1 million bonus into our future funds!

Internship: Job Application
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